Loop Suture Tool
Polydactyly is a common congenital hand anomaly with an extra digit which can have a narrow base or a full bony connection. Extra digits with a narrow skin base can often be treated with suture ligation of the base. Broader connections often require surgery, usually after 12 months of age when anesthesia is safer. Preaxial polydactyly means that there is an extra thumb. Postaxial polydactyly means that there is an extra small finger. 
For postaxial polydactyly attached by a narrow stalk of soft tissue can be treated with a suture ligation around the base. The extra digit gradually becomes dry and falls off. There is always a residual scar, but usually it is small and not problematic. Suture ligation can sometimes be problematic if the suture loosens or does not stay in place.
A suturing devices that places two loops and locks in place would simplify treatment and minimize risks.