Femur Fracture Brace
Femoral fractures in children are not uncommon and treatment varies by age.
Infants are often treated with a Pavlik harness. Young children between 1 and 5 years of age are usually treated with closed reduction and spica casting in the operating room. Older children are often treated with flexible intramedullary rods or submuscular plating. Adolescents can be treated with a locked intramedullary nail placed through the greater trochanter.
For young children, application of the spica cast with mild shortening and angulation allows for healing with the length and alignment improving with time and growth. 
A brace for treatment of young children with femoral shaft fractures can avoid surgery and facilitate better skin care for the 3-4 weeks required for the initial healing phase of the fracture. 
femur fx AP
femur fx brace