Eversense Removal Tool
The Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitor is a valuable system for patients with diabetes to improve blood glucose management. The system uses a small cylindrical device that is implanted under the skin and uses a fluorescence-based sensor to assess glucose levels in plasma with a transmitter to send data to an external sensor that uses bluetooth to link with a phone for glucose monitoring. 
The removal process can be challenging if the implant is difficult to localize or held by adherent scar tissue. A removal tool with a magnet to attract the device with a sleeve to release adjacent tissue and compress the holding device would facilitate removal. 
The prototype removal device has a probe with a powerful magnet to attract the device with a small indentation at the tip and flexible tongs surrounding the tip. A sleeve with a tapered edge can be slid over the probe which will compress the tongs and release adjacent scar tissue. The device can then be withdrawn to remove the implant.